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With the Q-Rated project, the Quadriennale hopes to position itself as a fixed and active research center, contributing to a constructive debate on contemporary art, structuring the next edition of the event – the 17th Art Quadriennale – and guaranteeing a thorough mapping of the Italian art scene. The initiative also presents an opportunity to enrich the Quadriennale’s library archive (ArBiQ), thanks to the material that will be contributed to it by artists and curators.
Q-Rated is divided into three yearly workshops, each held by leading figures from the international art world.


The workshops organised by the Quadriennale are intended to investigate themes vital to the field of visual art, placing international professionals of the contemporary in contact with young Italian artists and curators. The workshops, lasting three days each, are held in different Italian cities. Each workshop is led by three established foreign artists and curators and is directed at Italian artists and curators of a younger generation. The participants are chosen through an open call published on the Quadriennale website. An initial selection is carried out by the artistic director and curator of the Quadriennale, and the process is finalized in collaboration with the international tutors of each workshop.